10K Karhu Pacing Team

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Pacemakers are your guardian angels during the race!!!
A group of athletes are at your disposal and will help you to finish the 10K recording your goal

These are the times at athletes’ disposal: 40’00’', 45’00’’, 50'00’’, 55’00'', 1h00’

 Pacer 40'00'' 


Stefano Zennato

Pacer 45'00''

Damiano Agostinelli


Pacer 50'00''

Esquinazy Matteo

Pacer 55'00''

Gianfranco Biasuzzi

Pacer 1h00'

Moira Lorenzon



Registered athletes:

Places left to the next step rate:
  • Karhu
  • 462x308 proaction eng
  • vm en

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