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To make your participation at the Moonlight Half Marathon a funny and more exciting experience, Venicemarathon has confirmed again the support of the music groups of “Music and Run”. On the race course you will find music groups which will cheer on you playing jazz, blues and pop songs which will fuel you with new energy and will help you to cross the finish line!

While running, you think to have fun and we will help you to ease off your tiredness! Music and Run will cheer on you from the start to the finish line!

Here you find the places where you met the music groups for 2018 edition:
Glasses on House 01 Glasses On House(G.O.H.)
Big Cigar 2 Big Cigar
spaziolibero Spazio Libero
Strawberry Band 1 min Strawberry Band Forever
beach party Moonlight Beach Party

Enjoy the music!
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Sponsor Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon
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