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Pacemakers are your guardian angels during the race!!!
A group of athletes are at your disposal and will help you to finish the marathon recording your goal

These are the times at athletes’ disposal: 1h25'; 1h30', 1h35', 1h40', 1h45', 1h50', 1h55', 2h00', 2h15', 2h30', 2h45''

Pacers 1h25'


Luca Mattighello



Sandro Boni


Pacers 1h30'


Massimo Preziosa


 Domenico Startari

Domenico Startari


Pacers 1h35'

corti matteo

Matteo Corti



Gianni Scremin


Pacers 1h40'

 Lion Tiziano mhm21k 1 40

Tiziano Lion


Roberto Turatello

Pacers 1h45'


Cesare Monetti



Massimo Coppo


Pacers 1h50'


Alessio Rizzato



Annalisa Fae


Pacers 1h55'


Roberto Grosso



Marco Roversi


Pacers 2h00'


Davide Cervasato



Rossella Naples


Pacers 2h15'


Matteo Esquinazy


Margherita Bobrek


Pacers 2h30'


Paola Vezzani


Pacers 2h45'

 Stefanello Silvia mhm 21k

Silvia Stefanello


Registered athletes:

Places left to the next step rate:
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