History year by year

The 12th Honda Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon crowns the Eritrean Shumay Mogos Solomon for the second time, training partner of the blue Eyob Faniel, who won in 1h02'39", preceding by only 9 seconds the Kenyan Isaac Too, second in 1h02'48”.
The race started at a rather slow pace, but with constant spurts that sent most of the leading group into a 'tilt'. The race then heated up around the 17th kilometer, when the real head-to-head between the Eritrean and the Kenyan began, resolved only in the last 500 meters, when Solomon placed the decisive draw.
Third place, surprisingly, for the 24-year-old Italian, of Ethiopian origins, Ademe Cuneo who finished in 1h03'20 ", just 13" from his personal best. 
Fourth place for the other blue Abdoullah Bamoussa, while retirement for Giuseppe Gerratana.
Record of the race, however, in the women's field at the hands of the Kenyan Morine Michira Gesare who ran in 1h10'52 ", lowering the previous record by 1 minute, which dated back to 2013 and belonged to the Kenyan Hellen Jepkurgat. Behind her, detached by a handful of seconds, the Rwandan Clementine Mukandanga, while third, with a delay of more than 3 minutes, came the Burundian Cavaline Nahimana.
The women's race, well piloted by the hares with an intermediate lap of 34'08", was more regular than the men's with the Kenyan and the Rwandan in the lead right from the start, who ran together up to the last kilometer , when Jepkurgat stretched out, shrugging off Mukandanga.
The protagonists of the shortest race of 9.350 meters were the 19-year-old Venetian and middle-distance runner of Assindustria Padova Thomas D'Este (29'15") and the 'Aristide Coin' diletta Moressa (33'09"), both winners last October also of the 10k combined with the Venicemarathon.
Nice gesture of fair play in the Alì Family Run, where 15-year-old Francesco Zamuner from Ivrea (companion of his marathon dad) waited for the arrival of the youngest Giulio Coppe (9 years old, from Jesolo) to cross the finish line together. Among the women, clear victory for Valentina Piaz (14 years old) from Belluno. Shortly before the start, the race was sold out of the 500 bibs available.
Many local administrators in the race: the deputy mayor of Venice Andrea Tomaello, in his debut in a 10K, ran in 1h03'24"; the president of the City Council Ermelinda Damiano, still on the 10k, 1h41'22'. In the half marathon, the newly elected mayor of San Donà di Piave Alberto Teso ran in 1h42'50".
In all three races, a minute of silence was observed in memory of the victims of the floods that hit Emilia Romagna. The start of the Family Run was also greeted by Don Gianni Fassina, by the president of the Municipal Council of Jesolo Lucas Pavanetto and by the president of the Rotary Club of Jesolo Paolo Milan.
The Honda Auto Italia special award was presented to Giorgia Bocchetto, the first Venetian woman to cross the finish line in the half marathon.

Kenya dominates the 11th BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon, on a rather warm but breezy evening, with the victories of Dickson Simba Nyakundi who scored his third consecutive victory this year on the distance, after the Placentia Half Marathon and the Stramilano, winning in 1h02'15", and by Wanjir Catherina Njihia who prevailed in the women's field in 1h16'14".
Dickson Simba Nyakundi, second last year here in Jesolo, immediately took the lead of the race. His initial intention was to act as a pacer, but probably a series of favorable conditions made the 27-year-old from the Kisii tribe change his mind, bearer of the 'Run Togheter' team, who around the 12th kilometer decided to lengthen his pace to go get the win.
Second place for the blue Eyob Faniel (1h04'14") who arrived on the Venetian coast directly from Kenya after a training internship at high altitude, during which he even contracted Covid.
The Kenyan Mathew Samperu completes the podium (1h04'58") while fourth place for the other blue marathon runner Yassine El Fathaoui who finished her race in 1h05'07".
All-Kenyan podium, however, in the women's field where Wanjir Catherina Njihia got the upper hand who ran in 1h16'14", finishing in front of Ziporah Wanjiru Kingori (1h17'05") and Brigid Jelimo Kabergei 1h20'38". Before the Italians, Loretta Bettin of Athletics Paratico who finished fifth running in 1h22'11 ".
Compliments to the race also came from Ghemon, stage name of Giovanni Luca Picariello, the Italian rapper and songwriter competing in the half marathon.
The half marathon, which started punctually at 7.45 pm, was anticipated by a few minutes by the exciting start of the 'Amici di Diego': a splendid large group made up of 13 boys in wheelchairs and 22 big-hearted pushers, who were able to make these boys live the excitement of the great sporting event.
In the shorter race of 9.520 metres, victory for Simone Tibaldo from the Vicenza Marathon in 34'00" and Alice Peruz from Atl. Cadore who completed her race in 37'00", while the 2nd Ali Family Run was won by Filippo Pomoni (12 years old) from Premana (Lecco), on holiday with his family, and by Anna Facchin, 10 years old from Jesolo. Also competing was the president of Jesolo Tursimo Alessio Bacchin with his son. Also applauding the competitors was Don Gianni Fassina from the parish of San Giovanni Battista to whom the proceeds of the event will be donated.


The 10th BMW Jesolo Moonlight Halfmarathon was won by the Ethiopian Girma Taye Arit in 1h04'11" and, in the women's field, by Engidu Meseret Ayele in 1h16'42".
The men's race was won in a sprint by Arit, 6 "faster than Kenyan Dickson Simba Nyakundi, who finished his race in 1h04'17". The other Kenyan Eric Muthomi Riungu (1h04'45 ") completes the podium.
In the women's field, on the other hand, Ayele made a void behind her. Second was Lura Biagetti in 1h21'25 "and third Loretta Bettin in 1h24'08".
The BMW jesolo Moonlight 10K was won by Omar Zampis in 31'22 "and Arianna Lutteri in 36'54".

The Jesolo BMW Moonlight HalfMarathon, that proves to be a fast half marathon, was a great success yesterday. The race was won by the Kenyan of Run2gheter James Murithi Mburuguwith the new race record in1h01'37", that also represents his personal best on distance (prev. 1h02'01").
Noel Hitimana (1h02'01"),Eyob Faniel (1h02'03”),PaulTiongik (1h02'17") andPaulMwangi Kariuki(1h02'37")are the other runners that cross the finish line under the 1h03', a time that represented the event's record until yesterday.
The race started immediately at a very fast pace, with the Kenyan Tiongik passing the 10th km in 28'32”. Faniel tried to outdistance his rivals, but in the second part of the race the Kenyan Mburugu, and Rwandan Hitimana passed him. 
In the women's race, the Kenyan athlete Lenah Jerotich won for the second consecutive time in 1h13'08 ", with a gap of over 2 minutes on the compatriot Mary Wangari(1h15'32"). The Ethiopian Asmerawork Bekele completes the female podium  with 1h18'01”. 
The race, started at 7.30pm from via Danimarca, was anticipated from the departure of the Unitalsi Treviso volunteers who accompanied a dozen of disabled athletes along the way.
The great party of the Moonlight had already started at 7pm, a race won then by Giacomo Espositoand by Sharon Giammetta. 

The new Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon sets a best time in the history. Yesterday evening, Shumay Mogos Solomon  won the competition in 1h03’05’’, 26’’ reducing the record of 1h03’31” established by Robert Chemosin in 2012.
The winner adopted a very clever strategy: he took advantage of the group’s lead following it and catching it up. The pace was fast at the start, they arrived in 29’25’’ at 10K. Only in the last 200m, Shumay changed his pace outdistancing the second one and won the competition.
Lenah Jerotich won the competition in 1h14’17’’; the second one, Lucy Liavoga, arrived 3 minutes left. She took the first place at the middle of the competition and gradually gave the distance from the rest of the group.
On 10K the winner was Eyob Faniel, who arrived in 31’21’’. Now Eyob will represent Italy in Spain for the Mediterranean Games at the end of June, where he will run the half marathon. Then he will run the marathon of Europe Champion in Berlin on 12th August.
Solomon e Faniel met each other in 2010 during a meeting at Asmara, where Shumay just left the cycling for running. On February of this year, Eyob and his trainer Pertile decided ho help this athlete, who didn’t still find his athletic identity. After this collaboration he gain the 2nd position at Stramiliano at the end of March and the 1st place at the Padua marathon. Now he will be the Eyob’s trainings partner until the European competition.
About the 10K, the Italian athlete and Carabinieri’s superintendent Nadia Dondolo won the competition. He decided to run with other 50 colleges of “Arma della Regione Veneto” to promote and make aware the audience about paediatric leukaemia’s researches.

Happy spectators cheered 6,000 runners on and welcomed them at the finish line!
Three Kenyans on the podium before Francesco Bona. The women’s victory went to Fatma Maroui.
Rudy Magagnoli and Elisa Marcon won the Garmin 10K Tour, among the participants also Stefano Baldini.
After an amazing sunny day and a festive atmosphere Paul Tiongik is the fastest runner who crossed the finish line of the 6th Moonlight Half Marathon organized by Venicemarathon Club. He ran the half marathon in 1h03’39”, just 8 seconds from the race record (1h03’31) established in 2012 by Robert Chemosin. On the podium also Kiruthi Muthoni and Alfred Kimeli Ronoh who finished the race in 1h04’07” and 1h04’55”, after them Francesco Bona (1h05'19") and Eyob Ghebrehiwet Faniel completed their race. Eyob is a Venicemarathon Running Team Runner who won the race in 2015, among the first 10 finishers Domenico Ricatti and Giovanni Gualdi.
Queen of the race Fatna Maraoui who won the race in 1h15’00”. Next goal for her ..the Olympic games.
The Garmin 10K went to the Italian Rudy Magagnoli who ended in 32’52” and among women Elisa Marcon in 39’03” was the best one. With the 10K participants an important runner completed the track: Stefano Baldini.

The training mates Hosea Kimeli Kisorio (1h04’28”) and Hellen Jepkurgat (1h12’55”) win the race
4th place for Ruggero Pertile, who is training for the European championships in Zurich
Record of finishers: 3,035
The 4th Moonlight Half Marathon was again dominated by Kenyans: the victory went to Hosea Kimeli Kisorio in the men race (1h04’28”) while Hellen Jepkurgat (1h12’55”) dominated the women race and won, for the second following year, the race. This year the race broke the finishers’ record: 3,033 (previous record 2,720 in 2013).
In the men race Hosea Kimeli Kisorio, a Kenyan runner living in Siena, went on the attack against his rivals since the first kilometers. The only runners able to keep his pace just till the eighth kilometer were the Kenyan Josphat Kimutai Koech and the Moroccan Lahcen Mokraji, who crossed the finish line in the time of 1h04’38” and 1h04’52”. Ruggero Pertile, got fourth; he ran in a prudent but positive way and after a wise first part of the race he closed the gap in the second part of the track finishing in a time of 1h06’17”.
Hellen Jepkurgat, training mate of Kisorio and Koech in Tuscany, dominated the women race since the very first meters. She was able to run at a good and fast pace leaving her rivals far way, crossing the finish line in 1h12’55”, Maura Giordano finished second in 1h19’37”, Rosa Alfieri crossed the finish line third in 1h2139” while the winner of last year’s edition, Giovanna Pizzato, completed the race fourth in 1h2211”.
An important moment happened before the start of the Half Marathon when the Special Olympics Torch Run arrived in Jesolo and lit the brazier of the Special Olympics Italian Championships which will take place from 26th to 30th May in Venice. The young Federica, on behalf of all the participants, took the oath.

The Ugandan, Wilson Kipkemei Busienei and the Kenyan, Hellen Jepkurgat won the 3rd Moonlight Half Marathon. Hellen Jepkurgat set also the new course record: 1h11'52" (the previous one was 1h16’28” set by Meryem Lamachi in 2011).
The Kenyan runner lives in Siena and runs for the Running Club Futura. Hellen started the race on a fast pace passing by the 10th Km  mark in 33’39" and one minute ahead the other Kenyan athlete Sylvia Kibiego who finished the race at the second place in 1h16’52” before the Paduan runner, winner of last year edition Giovanna Pizzato, who finished the race in 1h19’38” under  a pouring rain which started few minute after to the first arrivals.
The pace of the men race was decided by the Africans,  Busienei, Simukeka and Bii, since the beginning of the race passing by the half race mark after 30’, while the other runners Ricatti, Boudalia and Montorio were following the head of the race half minute behind them.
The face-off between the Ugandan Busienei and the Rwandan Simukeka became harder in the last kilometers, at the beginning of the last home straight along via Bafile, and ended at the finish line when the two runners arrived shoulder to shoulder.  The victory went to Busienei, second Simukeka, third Peter Bii and forth
Domenico Ricatti who declared to be happy of his performance.
The race started at 8 pm from Cavallino Treporti and arrived in Piazza Mazzini in Jesolo.

The Kenyan Robert Chemosin breaks the race record setting a new one: 1h03’31”. The Venetian Giovanna Pizzato wins the women section.
The Kenyan Robert Chemosin lived up the expectations of the day before the half marathon and won the 2nd Moonlight Half Marathon setting the new race record: 1h03’31”, lowering the record of Ruggero Pertile who won the last year first edition of the race in 1h07’17”. The second place went to the Moroccan Ahmed Nasef (1h04’30”) followed by the countryman Issam Zaid (1h04’58”). Robert Chemosin is a Kenyan young runner of the Renato Canova Group who ran his third half marathon and ran in Italy for the first time. His race was very good and he decided the race between the 14th and the 15th Km when he overtook the others of the leading group and left the Moroccans right behind. In the women race, clear victory of the Venetian Giovanna Pizzato who won the half marathon in 1h23’22” beating the Moroccan Siham Laaraichi (1h24’36”) and Maurizia Cunico (1h25’00”) from Vicenza.
The race started at 7:45 p.m. at Lungomare San Felice in Cavallino Treporti and in Piazza Mazzini many people awaited the runners to cheer them on while passing through the finish line.

From Cavallino Treporti to Jesolo a long party for the 2,585 finishers.
Ruggero Pertile signs the first Moonlight Half Marathon podium. The marathoner from Padua wins the spectacular final sprint and gets the better of the Moroccan athlete, Issan Zaid, and of the Kenyan Mark Bett Kipkinyor. The whole three athletes stop the chronometer at 1h07’17”. Just after few seconds the forth place goes to the Kenyan Isaack Kiprotich (1h07’40”) while the fifth one goes after one minute to the Moroccan athlete now naturalized Italian Said Boudalia (1h08'44").
In the women race, the highest stage of the podium goes to the Moroccan Meryem Lamachi who gets the better of the Italian, Marcella Mancini, finishing in 1h16'28". The race of the Italian marathon champion was a bit difficult she tried to run closer to Lamachi but she ran the first part of the race too fast and after that it was too hard to get the better of Lamachi and Mancini finishes second in 1h19'27". Third place to the Swiss athlete Cristina D'Ignazio who ends the race in 1h29'48".