Moonlight Beach Party

Moonlight Beach Party and Agreements

Join us at the Moonlight Beach Party!
After the race don’t rush home, we invite you and all the other participants to have party with the medal around your neck.
We will wait for you at "Chiosco Milano": show the bib number and you will receive a free drink.

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In the weekend of the race (24, 25 e 26 May) you have the possibility to have lunch or dinner in some restaurants of Jesolo with a 10% of discount for you and your supporters.
In collaboration with "Confcommercio di San Donà - Jesolo".

Here you can find the list:

Ristorante Pizzeria “AL VELIERO”
Via Altinate, 39 Lido di Jesolo
(zona Piazza Milano)
Tel. 0421/961681

Ristorante Pizzeria “ABBAZIA”
Via Bafile, 213 Lido di Jesolo
(zona Piazza Brescia)
Tel. 0421/380441

Ristorante “DA OMAR”
Via D.Alighieri, 21 Lido di Jesolo
(zona Piazza Marconi)
Tel. 0421/93685

Ristorante “DA NICOLA”
Via C. Colombo, 56 Jesolo
(zona Cortellazzo)
Tel. 0421/961346

Ristorante “PONTE DE FERO”
Via Colombo, 1 Jesolo Paese
Tel. 0421/350785

Pizzeria Ristorante “ROSA DEI VENTI”
Via Bafile, 147 Lido di Jesolo
(zona tra Piazza Drago e Piazza Trieste)
Tel. 0421/380573

Ristorante Pizzeria “MERVILLE”
Via Oriente, 112 – Zona Cortellazzo
Tel. 0421/362720

Ristorante Pizzeria “ALLA DARSENA”
Via Oriente, 166 –Zona Cortellazzo
Tel. 0421/980081

Ristorante Pizzeria “BLACK CAT PUB”
Via S.Trentin, 40 – Lido di Jesolo
(zona Piazza Mazzini)

Ristorante Pizzeria “ADRIATICA”
Via Bafile, 415 – Lido di Jesolo
(zona Piazza Mazzini)

Pizzeria Ristorante “PERLA NERA”
Via Roma Dx, 38- Jesolo
(strada tra Jesolo Paese e Jesolo Lido)

Pizzeria Ristorante “LA LANTERNA”
Via F.Baracca, 41
Cavallino Treporti
Tel. 349/6561831

On Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May you can book your beach umbrella and beach chairs with a 20% of discount, showing the bib number or the confirmation letter, at these beaches: 

• Arenile Milano

• Stabilimento balneare Oro beach

• Consorzio Turistico Jesolo Est

• Consorzio Lido Solemare

• Consorzio Arenile Lido Mare

• Consorzio Torino Uno

• Stabilimento balneare Green beach

• Consorzio Pineta 4
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  • 462x308 hotel sayonara
  • Karhu
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