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BCAAs: the branched amino acids, combine the three essential amino acids valine, leucine and isoleucine. The BCAA are one third of the muscle proteins and our body is not able to produce them, they can only be introduced with the diet. How do I use them? They can be used before, during and immediately after training to protect muscle integrity: - 45 minutes before, tablets or powder - During: as energy gel, in addition to maltodextrins - Immediately after: powder to speed up recovery Dott.ssa Annalisa Faè ...
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Trying gels during training is fundamental, these are concentrated forms to which our body is not accustomed, so as you train your muscles, you must also train your digestive system. There is a very important difference between one formulation and another, it is concentration: a gel with an ISOTONIC label specified, you can take it without drinking any water immediately after, because it has a concentration useful to pass quickly the digestive system without attracting liquids (the blood that is in the muscles). If there is no specification about osmolarity, and the volume is 25 ml, you ...
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34th Huawei Venicemarathon, Alex Zanardi launches the Charity Program!

The fundraising program of Venice Marathon starts with Alex Zanardi, the testimonial of the project: "I believe that the Charity Program is a smart formula to do more and more and involve new realities" Venice, June 12, 2019 - It officially raises the curtain on the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon of next October 27 with the launch of the Charity Program, the Venicemarathon fundraising program in collaboration with Rete del Dono and that has Alex Zanardi as testimonial. The 2019 Charity Program page is online on the official website of the ...
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A nice half marathon with evening departure. The week after the half marathon must be managed with light training and active recovery, depending on the various objectives of the season. A detoxifier is useful at this time to be taken in the evening, before going to sleep, to facilitate the purification of the organism. Fruit and vegetables, fresh to promote the activity of the antioxidant defenses of our body. Useful supplements can be: - Glutamine, a substance useful for the recovery of the immune system - Magnesium, for muscle relaxation - Vitamin C for the support of the immune ...
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The positive analysis of the 9th BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K

The quality level of the event, organized in Jesolo on Saturday 25 May with the new record of 1h01'37", has increased.  The event, a big party of 6,000 participants, will generate an economic impact on the area estimated at around 2 million euros. Venice, May 29, 2019 - Venicemarathon and the City of Jesolo archive a ninth edition of BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K and are already working to prepare a truly special 10-year edition.   An event like the Moonlight always draws a group of over 6,000 runners, most of whom come from outside the region (about 70%) and ...
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The Kenyan JamesMurithi Mburuguwins in 1h01’37”, new race record!  Lenah Jerotich repeatslast year's success and the ItalianEyob Fanielis third with an excellent 1h02’03”.  In 10K Giacomo Esposito and SharonGiammettawin Venice, 26 May 2019- The Jesolo BMWMoonlight HalfMarathon, which proves to be a fast half marathon, was a great success yesterday. The race was won by the Kenyan of Run2gheterJamesMurithi Mburuguwith thenewracerecordin1h01'37", that also represents his personal best on distance (prev. ...
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James Mburugu wins in 1h01'37", record of the race and personal best

Lenah Jerotich wins again the race and the Italian runner Eyob Faniel is third with 1h02'03". At 10K win Giacomo Esposito and Sharon Giammetta The BMW Moonlight Half Marathon confirms that it is a fast race. James Murithi Mburugu wins the BMW Jesolo Moonlight Halfmarathon with a new record: 1h01'37”. Male Results: James Mburugu (1h01'37") Noel Hitimana (1h02'01"), Eyob Faniel (1h02'03"), Paul Tiongik (1h02'17") Paul Mwangi Kariuki (1h02'37"). Female results: Lenah Jerotich (1h13'08") Mary Wangari (1h15'32"). Asmerawork Bekele (1h18'01") Giacomo Esposito wins the 10K male race ...
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- 4 days at the BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K

The half marathon "in the moonlight" organized on Saturday, May 25 in Jesolo turns pink and launches important messages  with the "PinkisGood Running Team" and Silvia Furlani.  last 70 bib numbers for 10K and 500 for 21K  On Thursday, May 23, the online registrations will be closed. Venice, May 21, 2019- Running to promote prevention against female tumors and run to fight against a a devastating disease: two strong and important messages that will cross each other onSaturday, May 25 at theBMW JesoloMoonlightHalf Marathon & 10K, with the“PinkisGood Running Team”of the ...
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Tips for a 10K night race

Nutritional strategy is important during a short race, as if you want to beat your personal record or is your first race. Starting in the evening, the useful tips are always the same, hydrate during the day and eat light, avoid processed foods difficult to digest. A lunch based on carbohydrates (a tomato paste or white pasta) and protein (classic grilled chicken breast), avoid the vegetables that, due to the fiber content, could give intestinal discomfort. Approximately one hour before departing an energy bar with branched chain amino acids (ProAction Aminobar) and a bottle of Sport Drink ...
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The 9th BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K was presented

There are already 5000 registered athletes in the "moonlight" race organized in Jesolo on Saturday, May 25 (start at 7.30pm) and Eyob Faniel will run to make the event record Venice, May 14 2019 - After the success of the 2018 edition changed in the race route and in the services, Jesolo is ready to host on , Saturday May 25 the 9th BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K , an international race (included in the AIMS calendar and recognized by FIDAL as “Silver Label”) that will take place at sunset with the romantic colors of the ...
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34th Huawei Venicemarathon, Alex Zanardi launches the Charity Program!

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