The new Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon sets a best time in the history. Yesterday evening, Shumay Mogos Solomon won the competition in 1h03’05’’, 26’’ reducing the record of 1h03’31” established by Robert Chemosin in 2012. The winner adopted a very clever strategy: he took advantage of the group’s lead following it and catching it up. The pace was fast at the start, they arrived in 29’25’’ at 10K. Only in the last 200m, Shumay changed his pace outdistancing the second one and won the competition. Lenah Jerotich won the competition in 1h14’17’’; the second one, Lucy Liavoga, arrived 3 minutes left. She took the first place at the middle of the competition and gradually gave the distance from the rest of the group.
On 10K the winner was Eyob Faniel, who arrived in 31’21’’ for man; for woman, the Italian athlete and Carabinieri’s superintendent Nadia Dondolo won the competition.

Two Kenyan athletes won the 7^ edition of Moonlight Half Marathon: Julius Kipngetich Rono (1h04’08’’) and Pauline Eapan (1h15’26’’). After a silent moment in memory of Claudio Zamengo, the competition started at 8.00 PM from Diga Punta Sabbioni with a fast pace. In Via Bafile Julius Kipngetich ran faster and he arrived at the finish line in 1h04’08’’. For the women won Pauline Eapan in 1h15’26’’.
The Garmin 10K was an easy win for Eyob Faniel, he finished the competition in 30’58’’. For the women won Elektra Bonvecchio in 39’01’’. A beautiful, warm and summer evening and the sunset were the landscape that accompanied the athletes along the course.

After an amazing sunny day and a festive atmosphere Paul Tiongik is the fastest runner who crossed the finish line of the 6th Moonlight Half Marathon organized by Venicemarathon Club. He ran the half marathon in 1h03’39”, just 8 seconds from the race record (1h03’31) established in 2012 by Robert Chemosin. On the podium also Kiruthi Muthoni and Alfred Kimeli Ronoh who finished the race in 1h04’07” and 1h04’55”, after them Francesco Bona (1h05'19") and  Eyob Ghebrehiwet Faniel completed their race. Eyob is a Venicemarathon Running Team Runner who won the race in 2015, among the first 10 finishers Domenico Ricatti and Giovanni Gualdi. Queen of the race Fatna Maraoui who won the race in 1h15’00”.
The Garmin 10K went to the Italian Rudy Magagnoli who ended in 32’52” and among women Elisa Marcon in 39’03” was the best one.

In the marathon at the moonlight, a star was born. Tonight Eyob Faniel, 23 years old, dominated the 5th Moonlight Half Marathon winning with a sprint ahead of Francesco Bona and the Italian marathoner Ruggero Pertile, both to the finish line with a timing of 1h05’37’’. Faniel managed the race in a clever way, remaining covered between the top four Bona, Pertile and the Kenyan Lawi and launching a deadly attack in the last kilometre. Recently winner of a bronze medal on the distance of 10.000 metres at the Italian championship in Isernia. Last week, Eyob wins the 3rd half marathon of his career. In the women’s race Giovanna Pizzato led the competition from the beginning, winning for the second time (the first one in 2012 ) the Moonlight Half Marathon in 1h19’09’’. To complete the women’s podium: Rosa Alfieri( 1h19’40’’)and Mirella Bergamo ( 1h21’20’’). Eyob, as the Pizzato, sign the new primacy of the race since the course has been changed compared to the past, to welcome the new 10 km. In the MHM10KM Garmin Forerunner 10K the winners were Gabriele Cossettini ( 32’40’’) and Ilaria Benetti (37’55’’).

The 4th Moonlight Half Marathon was again dominated by Kenyans: the victory went to Hosea Kimeli Kisorio in the men race (1h04'28") while Hellen Jepkurgat (1h12'55") dominated the women race and won, for the second following year, the race. This year the race broke the finishers' record: 3,033 (previous record 2,720 in 2013). In the men race Hosea Kimeli Kisorio, a Kenyan runner living in Siena, went on the attack against his rivals since the first kilometers. The only runners able to keep his pace just till the eighth kilometer were the Kenyan Josphat Kimutai Koech and the Moroccan Lahcen Mokraji, who crossed the finish line in the time of 1h04'38" and 1h04'52". Ruggero Pertile, got fourth; he ran in a prudent but positive way and after a wise first part of the race he closed the gap in the second part of the track finishing in a time of 1h06'17". Hellen Jepkurgat, training mate of Kisorio and Koech in Tuscany, dominated the women race since the very first meters. She was able to run at a good and fast pace leaving her rivals far way, crossing the finish line in 1h12'55", Maura Giordano finished second in 1h19'37", Rosa Alfieri crossed the finish line third in 1h2139" while the winner of last year's edition, Giovanna Pizzato, completed the race fourth in 1h2211".

The Ugandan, Wilson Kipkemei Busienei and the Kenyan, Hellen Jepkurgat won the 3rd Moonlight Half Marathon. Hellen Jepkurgat set also the new course record: 1h11'52" (the previous one was 1h16’28” set by Meryem Lamachi in 2011. The Hellen started the race on a fast pace passing by the 10th Km  mark in 33’39" and one minute ahead the other Kenyan athlete Sylvia Kibiego who finished the race at the second place in 1h16’52” before the Paduan runner, winner of last year edition Giovanna Pizzato, who finished the race in 1h19’38” under  a pouring rain which started few minute after to the first arrivals. The pace of the men race was decided by the Africans, Busienei, Simukeka and Bii, since the beginning of the race passing by the half race mark after 30’, while the other runners Ricatti, Boudalia and Montorio were following the head of the race half minute behind them. The face-off between the Ugandan Busienei and the Rwandan Simukeka became harder in the last kilometers, at the beginning of the last home straight along via Bafile, and ended at the finish line when the two runners arrived shoulder to shoulder.  The victory went to Busienei, second Simukeka, third Peter Bii and forth Domenico Ricatti who declared to be happy of his performance.

The Kenyan Robert Chemosin not betray the expectations of the vigil and won the 2nd Moonlight Half Marathon with a new race record: 1h03'31 ", dropping more than three minutes 1h07'17" by Ruggero Pertile of 2011. Second came the Moroccan Ahmed Fanfulla Lodigiana Nasef (1h04'30 ") followed by compatriot Issam Zaid (1h04'58").
In the women's field, clear victory of the Venetian Giovanna Pizzato that is set in front of his home crowd in 1h23'22 ", placing himself behind the Moroccan Siham Laaraichi Cus Parma (1h24'36") and Vicenza Maurizia Cunico (1h25'00 ").
The race report tells of a fierce attack by Kenyan between 14 ° and 15 ° km, with an extension that has quickly got rid of the two Moroccans.
In the women the Venetian Pizzato Giovanna, born in 1976 returned to racing after 10 years of stop, led a courageous race, going alone to command the 6th km.

Ruggero Pertile puts his signature on the first MoonlightHalf Marathon. The marathon from Padova won a photo finish the first edition of the new Venetian half marathon, starting from Cavallino and came into the Piazza Mazzini in Jesolo. Pertile snatched the victory at the finish line to the Moroccan Issan Zaid and Kenyan Mark Bett Kipkinyor at the end of a spectacular sprint. For all three, the timer was 1h07'17. Not far from them, quarter, now is the Kenyan Isaack Kiprotich (1h07'40") and the fifth naturalized Italian Moroccan Said Boudalia (1h08'44 ").
In the women's field, clear victory of Morocco's Meryem Lamachi Running Club Futura that was imposed on Marcella Mancini with a time of 1h16'28. Race generous than the reigning Italian champion marathon, which has tried to stay attached to Lamachi, but he paid a too fast attack on the 10th km, ending at the end in 1h19'27 ". In third place came the Swiss Cristina D'Ignazio with a time of 1h29'48 ".

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