Here is the HOKA Pacing Team, the "guardian angels" of the runners of the 10th BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K.
Meanwhile, BMW is confirmed as Title Sponsor of the event and the registered athletes have already largely exceeded 3,000 runners

Venice, June 8, 2021 - Less than twenty days from the tenth edition of the BMW Jesolo Half Marathon & 10K, the pacer team is ready and on Saturday, June 26, they will help the athletes to run in total safety and at a controlled speed. This is the HOKA Pacing Team, that is a group of 30 expert runners whose dual task will be to carry athletes to the finish line, in compliance with interpersonal distancing and all health regulations that must also be observed during the race, and help them to achieve your goal.

HOKA Pacing Team is organized by the community “Quelli del Martedì - Venicemarathon Running Team & Friends”, a group made up of about a hundred athletes who for 7 years usually meet every Tuesday evening at the San Giuliano Park in Mestre to train together. The coaches of "Quelli del Martedì" are also supporting runners in their approach to the race, sharing training tables and useful tips on the event's Facebook page, in the "Road to Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon" section.

In the half marathon, the pacers will be divided into 10 groups that will observe the following time bands: 1h30', 1h35', 1h40', 1h45', 1h50'. 1h55', 2h, 2h15', 2h30'and 2h45', while the 10 km will be divided into 5 groups covering these times: 40', 45', 50', 55' and 1h.

In the meantime, the team of sponsors and partners who will run alongside the event is also being defined. BMW confirms itself as title sponsor for the second year, as well as the commitment of Pro Action 'sport nutrition partner', San Benedetto 'official water'; Bavaria 'official beer', 1/6 H Sport 'official shop', Alì - the Padua-based large-scale distribution company that will support the first edition of the Family Run, and Dolci Palmisano - the traditional Venetian pastry since 1926.

The American company HOKA, world leader in running footwear, will also become new sponsors of the BMW Moonlight Half Marathon, which will dress all participants with the beautiful technical t-shirts of the tenth anniversary and will provide the uniforms to the volunteers and the technical material to the pacer team and Grandi Molini Italiani with VitaMill flatbreads, which all athletes will find in the race pack.

Also of great prestige is the team of media partners who will help to amplify the message and promotion of the event. The project was joined by the authoritative sports newspapers Corriere dello Sport and Tuttosport, the magazine of runners Corre and the radio stations Radio Bellla & Monella and Radio PiterPan, which will animate the Moonlight Village.

Thanks to the collaboration with Confcommercio Ascom San Donà-Jesolo, this year too athletes and companions will be able to take advantage of a 10% discount in many clubs and restaurants in Jesolo, presenting the QR code that will be sent by the organization.

Registrations are proceeding at a good pace, with more than 3,000 bibs already assigned.

The BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon is organized by Idea Venezia s.r.l. and by S.S.D Venicemarathon, with the patronage of the City of Jesolo and the support of Jesolo Turismo and ATVO. The event is also included in the international calendar of the International Association of Marathons AIMS and in the national calendar of the Italian Federation of Athletics F.I.D.A.L. as a Silver Label event.
Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon: 30 days to go!
The 10th anniversary T-shirts and medals are presented.
It will be a special birthday with no curfew!

Thursday, May 27 2021 - In exactly one month, Saturday, June 26, on the streets of Jesolo there will be “Saturday night racing fever” again, with the 10th edition of the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K, the first sporting event without curfew. We would like to remind you that the term of the curfew, as per the Italian Decree Law of May 18, will come into force from Monday, June 21 and that the departures of the two races are scheduled between 19 and 19.30 approximately. This will allow organizers and athletes to be able to celebrate with more tranquility, while respecting the restrictions, the important 10-year milestone of this international half marathon, which over the years has brought thousands of runners from all over the world to the coast.

In the meantime, at Venicemarathon it is time to unveil the exclusive t-shirt and the original medal, designed with particular graphics to celebrate this important anniversary in the best possible way. The official t-shirt, made thanks to the HOKA technical sponsor, will be a half-sleeve shirt in technical material with breathable fabric, white-colored, with a large silver-colored Number 10 designed in the center decorated with the logo of the event, that is an athlete running in the moonlight. Under the number, the lively and colorful Jesolo Turismo logo. The 10K jersey will also be very similar, which differs only in the color of the word "10", where blue and light blue alternate on the white background instead of silver.
The celebratory medal that will be given to all finishers after the finish will also be of the same graphic tenor.

Numerous registrations have been received and there are already 2500 athletes who have decided not to miss this important edition, securing a bib. Furthermore, the Moonlight Half Marathon will coincide with the first weekend of summer and will be an excellent opportunity for many to combine the race with a few days of sea and sun.

The Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon is organized by Venicemarathon with the patronage of the City of Jesolo, the support of Jesolo Turismo and the companies that have already confirmed their participation: HOKA, Pro Action, Alì, San Benedetto, Bavaria, Palmisano, 1 / 6H Sport. Media partners: Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport, Corre, Radio Bellla & Monella and Radio PiterPan.
The Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon is ready to celebrate its first 10 years!
On the evening of Saturday 26 June the international half marathon and the 6th Jesolo Moonlight 10K return to Jesolo. Enrollments in full sail with already 2,000 members

Jesolo, 11 May 2021 - The Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon, scheduled for the evening of Saturday, June 26 and organized as usual by Venicemarathon under the patronage of the City of Jesolo, is ready to blow out 10 candles and celebrate its return after the stop of the last year due to the emergency from "Covid-19", bringing back to the streets of Jesolo that enthusiasm that made it a unique and much appreciated event.

The traditional 10K will also take place together with the half marathon. The competitions will be organized in total safety, following the protocols issued by the Italian Athletics Federation and in full compliance with the provisions in force.

"We are particularly happy to announce the tenth edition of Moonlight Half Marathon and the sixth 10K which will not only be a celebratory event of the event and sport but will above all be a moment with which we hope to be able to mark the return to a normal life - said the Councilor for Sport of the city of Jesolo, Esterina Idra - 2021, which marked the beginning of a new decade and coincides with the moment in which, thanks to vaccinations, we are really rejecting the effects of the epidemic, it can be a turning point from which to start again. To do this in the best possible way, we look at the positive values ​​of sport, sharing and the ability to unite the people that sport has. Moonlight Half Marathon is the best response to the desire to leave here in Jesolo as well as in the guests and protagonists who will participate in the event".

“Finally we start again! We have always been ready in the starting blocks waiting for the shot, and now we can finally start running again towards the important milestone of ten years of this spectacular event. We thank the mayor Valerio Zoggia and the councilor for sport Esterina Idra for having always shown great enthusiasm and support for the initiative, and we are sure that we will organize an event that, while respecting the current restrictions, will certainly give good emotions "- these the words of the president of Venicemarathon Piero Rosa Salva.

The strength of the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K will be, as always, the combination of the romantic colors of the sunset with the very suggestive scenarios that the race course offers, characterized by an alternation of different naturalistic aspects such as the sea, the river, the pine forest, the promenade and the beach.

In addition, the programming of the event at the end of June and the logistics of the event, which will also be held this year in Piazza Milano, a stone's throw from the beach, will further favor the combination of sport and tourism.

Also thanks to the partnership with Jesolo Turismo, this year more than ever, the tourism promotion will be complete and articulated and the Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K will be experienced by many as an excellent opportunity to combine the competition with a pleasant sunny weekend, sea ​​and relaxation. To find out more, please refer to the official tourist website

Registrations are proceeding quickly and, to date, 2000 bibs have already been assigned.
CMP Venice Night Trail, Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon e Venicemarathon: let’s start again!
5^ CMP Venice Night Trail – Saturday, June 5
10^ Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon&10K – Saturday, June 26
35^ Venicemarathon&10K – Sunday, October 24
Registrations to all 2021 events are open
Venice, February 26, 2021 - The Venicemarathon organizers are at work with the same enthusiasm as ever and the desire to experience to runners the emotions of great events, respecting the organizational regulations issued by the Italian Federation of Athletics.
This is an important year for Venicemarathon, which will celebrate three important anniversaries: on Saturday, June 5, it celebrates the 5th CMP Venice Night Trail, organized in Venice; it continues on Saturday, June 26, with the 10th edition of the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K and ends on Sunday, October 24, with the 35th Venicemarathon & 10K.

CMP Venice Night Trail
The fascinating night city trail of Venice will offer the extraordinary experience of running at night in a city unique in the world, enveloped in silence and carried by the sweet melody of water. The race course of 16 kilometers and 51 bridges will enter the most typical areas of Venice, crossing “campi” and “campielli”, reaching Sant'Elena and the Biennale, and continuing through St. Mark’sSquare, Accademia and Punta della Dogana. Athletes will pass then the Fondamenta delle Zattere and San Basilio, along the Giudecca Canal. The start and finish line of the event will be set up, as always, in the Dorsoduro district, in the area of the San Basilio port, thanks to the collaboration with the Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea and the "Venezia Terminal Passeggeri".
Registrations are open and athletes registered for the 2020 edition can choose to confirm their participation or postpone it to 2022. In consideration of the many requests received, the organization will also accept 1,000 new registrations. More details are available on the website

Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K
The half marathon in the "moonlight" is ready to blow out 10 candles. The race is organized in collaboration with the City of Jesolo; the event includes the 21K and the 10K distance and, as usual, both races will be run at sunset, with the romantic colors of the sunset along very suggestive scenarios, with an alternation of different naturalistic aspects such as the sea, the river, the pine forest, the promenade and the beach. The start and finish line of the event will be set up near Piazza Milano where the Moonlight Village will also be built. Registrations are open and athletes registered for the 2020 edition can choose to confirm their participation or postpone it to 2022. More details are available on the website

35th Venicemarathon and VM10KM
The Venicemarathon, which last year was changed in the symbolic race "OneForAll" to keep the tradition alive and give a sense of continuity through a virtual race, this year aims to bring its runners back to run the race through art, history and culture, on the extraordinary race course that from Stra reaches the heart of Venice, in Riva Sette Martiri.
Registrations are open and athletes registered for the 2020 edition can choose to confirm their participation or postpone it to 2022. More details are available on the website