Jesolo, May 25, 2013 – The Ugandan, Wilson Kipkemei Busienei and the Kenyan, Hellen Jepkurgat won the 3rd Moonlight Half Marathon. Hellen Jepkurgat set also the new course record: 1h11'52" (the previous one was 1h16’28” set by Meryem Lamachi in 2011).

The Kenyan runner lives in Siena and runs for the Running Club Futura. Hellen started the race on a fast pace passing by the 10th Km  mark in 33’39" and one minute ahead the other Kenyan athlete Sylvia Kibiego who finished the race at the second place in 1h16’52” before the Paduan runner, winner of last year edition Giovanna Pizzato, who finished the race in 1h19’38” under  a pouring rain which started few minute after to the first arrivals.

The pace of the men race was decided by the Africans,  Busienei, Simukeka and Bii, since the beginning of the race passing by the half race mark after 30’, while the other runners Ricatti, Boudalia and Montorio were following the head of the race half minute behind them.


The face-off between the Ugandan Busienei and the Rwandan Simukeka became harder in the last kilometers, at the beginning of the last home straight along via Bafile, and ended at the finish line when the two runners arrived shoulder to shoulder.  The victory went to Busienei, second Simukeka, third Peter Bii and forth

Domenico Ricatti who declared to be happy of his performance.

The race started at 8 pm from Cavallino Treporti and arrived in Piazza Mazzini in Jesolo.
Among the 3,500 starters there was also an important Italian Minister Gaetano Quagliariello, who finished the distance in 2h02’14”, despite the pouring rain in the last kilometers. After the race the Minister congratulated the organizers about the quality of the race and the beauty of the race course.

Venicemarathon Club is very happy about the race and the results both of the participants and the spectators who despite the rain supported the athletes. Also the Majors of the towns that hosted the race are happy about the race results Valerio Zoggia, Major of Jesolo and Claudio Orazio, Major of Cavallino who co-organized the race together with the Organizing Committee and who awarded the winners of this great race.

Along the race course the music groups entertained both runners and spectators. A special structure was built as a mobile hospital to give assistance to runners in need of help and on the race day Franco Gabrielli, head of the Civil Protection, checked personally that it was perfectly set up and ready to assist patients.

1) Wilson Kipkemei Busienei (Uga) 1h04’52”
2) Jean Baptiste Simukeka (Rwa)1h04’52”
3) Uga Peter Bii (Ken) 1h05’10”
4) Domenico Ricatti (C.S. Aeronautica Militare) 1h06’39”
5) Said Boudalia (Atl.Biotekna Marcon) 1h07’07”
6) Alberto Montorio (Aeronautica Militare) 1h08’25”
7) Lucio Sacchet (Atl.Feltre) 1h10’03”

1) Hellen Jepkurgat (Ken)1h11’52”
2) Silvia Kibiego (Ken) 1h16’52”
3) Giovanna Pizzato (Essetre Running) 1h19’38”
4) Monia Capelli (Atl. Vittorio Veneto) 1h21’16”
5) Ilaria Castiglioni (Atl. Brescia 1950) 1h21’32”
6) Maurizia Cunico (Rhodigium Team A.S.D.) 1h24’02”
7) Monica Carlin (Gs Valsugana Trentino) 1h24’52”