The training mates Hosea Kimeli Kisorio (1h04’28”) and Hellen Jepkurgat (1h12’55”) win the race
4th place for Ruggero Pertile, who is training for the European championships in Zurich
Record of finishers: 3,035

The 4th Moonlight Half Marathon was again dominated by Kenyans: the victory went to Hosea Kimeli Kisorio in the men race (1h04’28”) while Hellen Jepkurgat (1h12’55”) dominated the women race and won, for the second following year, the race. This year the race broke the finishers’ record: 3,033 (previous record 2,720 in 2013).

In the men race Hosea Kimeli Kisorio, a Kenyan runner living in Siena, went on the attack against his rivals since the first kilometers. The only runners able to keep his pace just till the eighth kilometer were the Kenyan Josphat Kimutai Koech and the Moroccan Lahcen Mokraji, who crossed the finish line in the time of 1h04’38” and 1h04’52”. Ruggero Pertile, got fourth; he ran in a prudent but positive way and after a wise first part of the race he closed the gap in the second part of the track finishing in a time of 1h06’17”.

Hellen Jepkurgat, training mate of Kisorio and Koech in Tuscany, dominated the women race since the very first meters. She was able to run at a good and fast pace leaving her rivals far way, crossing the finish line in 1h12’55”, Maura Giordano finished second in 1h19’37”, Rosa Alfieri crossed the finish line third in 1h2139” while the winner of last year’s edition, Giovanna Pizzato, completed the race fourth in 1h2211”.

An important moment happened before the start of the Half Marathon when the Special Olympics Torch Run arrived in Jesolo and lit the brazier of the Special Olympics Italian Championships which will take place from 26th to 30th May in Venice. The young Federica, on behalf of all the participants, took the oath.

Some curiosities: the oldest participants: Silvano of the GS Tortellini Martellago sports club, born in 1938 and Regina of the Venicemarathon Club born in 1949; among the foreigners the Dutch Ton, born in 1946 and the Austrian Edith born in 1949. The youngest Italian runners: Edoardo of the Marciatori Castellani Club born in 1994 and Rosaura of Cus Trieste Club born in 1993; among the foreigners: the Polish Krzysztof born in 1992 and the USA runner Amy born in 1990. 7 participants celebrated their birthday running the 4th Moonlight Half Marathon.

The largest sports clubs who took part in the race were the Pettinelli Running Team with 62 participants, the Venicemarathon Club (53), Essetre Running (51) and La Fulminea Running Team (42).

Valerio Zoggia , Mayor of Jesolo and Claudio Orazio, the Mayor of Cavallino Treporti, were very glad and happy about the success of the race and expressed their enthusiasm at the prize giving ceremony.

Men ranking list
1. Hosea Kimeli Kisorio (Atl. Vrtus Lucca) 1h04’28”
2. Kimutai Josphat Koech (Servizi Atl. Futura) 1h04’38”
3. Lahcen Mokraji (Gruppo Città di Genova) 1h04’52”
4. Ruggero Pertile (Assindustria Padova) 1h06’17”
5. Ahmed Nasef (Atl. Ponzano) 1h06’47”
6. Said Boudalia (Atl. Biotekna Marcon) 1h08’04”
7. Lucio Sacchet (Ana Atl. Feltre) 1h10’52”
8. Giovanni Iommi (G.P. Livenza Sacili) 1h10’52”

Women ranking list
1. Hellen Jepkurgat (Rfc Roma Sud) 1h12’55”
2. Laura Giordano (Atl. Silca Conegliano) 1h19’37”
3. Rosa Alfieri (Atl. Reggio) 1h21’39”
4. Giovanna Pizzato (Essetre Running) 1h22’11”
5. Alessia Danieli (Atl. Riviera del Brenta) 1h22’47”
6. Maurizia Cunico (Vicenza Marathon) 1h24’02”
7. Deborah Pomarè (Us Primiero) 1h24’07”
8. Paloma Salado Morano (Atl. San Rocco) 1h24’51”