Happy spectators cheered 6,000 runners on and welcomed them at the finish line!
Three Kenyans on the podium before Francesco Bona. The women’s victory went to Fatma Maroui.
Rudy Magagnoli and Elisa Marcon won the Garmin 10K Tour, among the participants also Stefano Baldini.

After an amazing sunny day and a festive atmosphere Paul Tiongik is the fastest runner who crossed the finish line of the 6th Moonlight Half Marathon organized by Venicemarathon Club. He ran the half marathon in 1h03’39”, just 8 seconds from the race record (1h03’31) established in 2012 by Robert Chemosin. On the podium also Kiruthi Muthoni and Alfred Kimeli Ronoh who finished the race in 1h04’07” and 1h04’55”, after them Francesco Bona (1h05'19") and Eyob Ghebrehiwet Faniel completed their race. Eyob is a Venicemarathon Running Team Runner who won the race in 2015, among the first 10 finishers Domenico Ricatti and Giovanni Gualdi.

These are Tiongik first words after the race: “The race was easy and very nice”.

Queen of the race Fatna Maraoui who won the race in 1h15’00”. “I had few difficulties due to the damp air, but then I was able to run fluently and spectators were really amazing in Jesolo”. Next goal for her ..the Olympic games.

Eyob Ghebrehiwet Faniel ran despite the flu.….”unfortunately i did not run as i wanted - yesterday I had flu and at the 9th km I felt tired…I tried to keep up and finish the race”.

The Garmin 10K went to the Italian Rudy Magagnoli who ended in 32’52” and among women Elisa Marcon in 39’03” was the best one. With the 10K participants an important runner completed the track: Stefano Baldini “I did enjoy this race. The course is very nice and it gives you the chance to run very fast, in a beautiful area with many spectators”.

“This was really the nicest race ever. I thank you the City Council of Cavallino Treporti, the one of Jesolo and we commit ouselves to improving it for the future making this event even bigger and a great running appointment”. These are the words of the Venicemarathon President Piero Rosa Salva after the race.

The last three runners to complete the race are three English ladies coming from London.

Moonlight Half Marathon ranking list:

1. Paul Tiongik (Athletic Terni) 1h03’39’’
2. Simoon Kiruthi Muthoni (KEN) 1h04’07’’
3. Alfred Kimeli Ronoh (KEN) 1h04’55’’
4. Francesco Bona (C.S. Aeronautica Militare) 1h05’19’’
5. Eyob Ghebrehiwet Faniel (A.S.D. Venicemarathon Club) 1h06’18’’
6. Marius Vedvik (NOR) 1h06’19’’
7. Jean Baptiste Simukeka (Rcf Roma Sud) 1h07’11’’
8. Julius Kipngetic Rono (Atl. Recanati) 1h07’32’’
9. Domenico Ricatti (C.S. Aeronautica Militare) 1h08’40’’
10. Giovanni Gualdi (Corrintime) 1h10’45’’

1. Fatna Maraoui (C.S. Esercito) 1h15’00’’
2. Veronica Paterlini (Cus Parma) 1h17’44’’
3. Deborah Toniolo (G.S. Forestale) 1h17’54’’
4. Paola Dal Mas (Pol. Libertas Porcia) 1h20’00’’
5. Chiara Renso (Atl. Vicentina) 1h23’35’’
6. Giulia Merola (Vicenza Marathon) 1h23’54’’
7. Anna Zilio (Vicenza Marathon) 1h25’03’’
8. Barbara Cimmarusti (Grottini Team) 1h26’52’’
9. Paloma Salado Morano (A.S.D. Atletica San Rocco) 1h27’30’’
10. Veronica Bacci (A.S.D. Atletica Lupatotina) 1h28’13’’

10k Garmin Running Tour ranking list:

1. Rudy Magagnoli (Atl. Reggio A.S.D.) 32’’52
2. Francesco Lorenzi (Vicenza Marathon) 33’’22
3. Salvatore Franzese (Atl. Reggio A.S.D.) 34’’48
4. Elbaraa Belaoud (Vicenza Marathon) 35’’32
5. Andrea Scarpa (Atl. Biotekna Marcon) 36’’02

1. Elisa Marcon (Atl. Vicentina) 39’’03
2. Ilaria Benetti (Atl. Insieme New Foods Vr) 39’’55
3. Elena Camali (Venicemarathon Club) 42’’17
4. Neja Brecelj Flak (Miramarska 23) 47’’32
5. Silvia Muzio (Runners Salò) 47’’51