Sport generates an increase in body temperature which is counteracted through sweating. The integration of liquids and mineral salts is therefore essential. But which supplement to choose and what characteristics should it possess?

The integration of mineral salts in sports
Any sporting activity generates a progressive increase in body temperature and to counteract it the body triggers the sweating process. In fact, sweating allows the heat produced by movement to be dispersed and, with high temperatures, the body's effort to maintain balance is greater. To avoid the dangers of dehydration, adequate reintegration is required, especially of water and mineral salts. You may have already seen an athlete who stops without warning due to muscle pain, the classic cramp. Drinking a qualitative sports drink enriched with electrolytes can facilitate recovery from cramps and their prevention. Of course, preparation and training, along with some dietary precautions are essential, but the integration of mineral salts remains essential.

The depletion of the body's hydrosaline reserves and energy supplies, during prolonged physical exercise, is the main consequence of the progressive decline in athletic performance and any damage caused by hyperthermia (heat stroke).

Reintegration: Water or Saline Supplements?
Water is essential but contrary to popular belief, it is absorbed more slowly than a hypo-isotonic solution.

Saline supplements: Hypertonic, Isotonic and Hypotonic

- Hypertonic supplements: these are drinks whose concentration, consisting of carbohydrates and mineral salts, determines an osmotic pressure, ie an attraction of liquids, higher than that of plasma. They require a very long time to assimilate in the intestine.
- Isotonic supplements: these are drinks whose concentration determines an osmotic pressure equal to that of plasma. They require average assimilation times in the intestine.
- Hypotonic supplements: these are drinks whose concentration determines an osmotic pressure lower than that of plasma. These are the drinks that absolutely require the shortest assimilation times in the intestine.

During physical activity, practitioners must aim to replenish the water and mineral salts lost through a calibrated supply of different elements. This reintegration becomes absolutely necessary when the water loss with sweating reaches 2.5 / 3 liters, a threshold that is easily reached in endurance sports.

Magnesium and Potassium: the most important salts for muscle functioning
The lack of even one of these minerals can lead to decreased performance, and can cause important symptoms such as muscle fatigue, nausea, muscle tremors, cramps and cardiovascular collapse.
Potassium is found mainly in intracellular fluids, it regulates cellular reactions useful for the conductivity of the nervous stimulus, heart rhythm, osmotic pressure, acid-base balance and water retention. The alteration of the potassium content in the body can also cause disorders of muscle function.
Magnesium is an integral part of the metabolic systems (glycolysis; citric acid cycle; respiratory chain) and its deficiency can cause the onset of muscle tremor and cramps.

Tips for replenishing liquids and mineral salts
The reintegration must take place on the basis of the actual loss of liquids and must preferably take place after physical exertion. In all those endurance sports in which physical effort exceeds 60 minutes in duration, reintegration can also take place during, possibly in fractional administrations.
The best reintegration is obtained by taking drinks with a low concentration of dissolved salts and sugars (hypotonic-isotonic).
First of all, saline supplementation becomes essential during long-lasting sports performances (long distance running, sports lasting more than 60 ', marathon, triathlon, etc.), while it is completely useless in very short races such as sprint races. Even more important are the environmental factors since the losses of mineral salts increase considerably when practicing sports in hot and humid environments.

Recommended products

Mineral Plus: is an isotonic saline product, designed for a complete reintegration of liquids and salts lost during and after physical exertion through sweating, in particular sodium, magnesium and potassium; preventing, among other things, the onset of muscle cramps. It is also added with maltodextrin and dextrose to promote immediate and gradual energy recovery.

Sali Minerali Effervescenti: produced in tablets, it has been studied to favor a complete reintegration of liquids and salts lost through sweating, specifically Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium. In addition, the presence in the product of Carbohydrates and Vitamin C also allows for better energy recovery, avoiding the onset of cramps.
Magnesio e Potassio MG+K: is a practical product designed for saline electrolyte balance, that is, to replenish liquids and salts lost during and after physical exertion, preventing, among other things, the onset of muscle cramps. It is recommended to use it for at least one hour after the start of physical activity, when the need for saline rehydration becomes essential for physical balance.

Carbo Sprint MG+K: is a complete supplement for athletes who need ready energy and power. In addition to maltodextrins, a form of energy with fast absorption and gradual release, ideal for those who practice endurance sports, this product contains Magnesium and Potassium, substances useful for normal muscle function. It is therefore a complete product, which guarantees the athlete an immediate and medium-term energy supply.