Exactly one month at the BMW Jesolo Moonlight Halfmarathon, the heat is returning, the days are getting longer and the desire to play sports is at the highest levels! Something is missing?

To arrive prepared for the appointment in Jesolo, we can start working on our integration strategy, testing it in our workouts to better evaluate the effects and benefits.

We emphasize that it is really important to simulate the strategy at least a couple of times in order not to encounter any unexpected events on race day.

So where do we start?
  1. First of all, hydration. It is important to always stay hydrated until before the start, as well as during the race using the refreshments. The temperatures will probably be high, this will affect our sweating and loss of fluids even more, so let's not get caught unprepared.
  2. Shortly before departure to have a greater muscular and energetic activation we can insert a Pre Start Shot. Based on arginine, ornithine, ginseng and guarana which stimulates vasodilation and guarantees an effective tonic effect before sports performance.
  3. During the race: we have already talked about the importance of supplementing carbohydrates during the race to maintain constant energy levels, here, we can test different gel alternatives, based on our tastes and the needs of our body. We choose from one of the following options:
    • Km 12 Carbo Sprint Ultrarace: Isotonic gel that can be taken without water, contains slow and gradual release Maltodextrin.
    • Km 15 Carbo Sprint Extreme: mixture of carbohydrates and sugars with rapid, medium and slow absorption, also contains caffeine and taurine. Thanks to its tonic and ergogenic effect, it is ideal in the most difficult moments of the race.
    • Km 10 and 15 Carbo Sprint Gel: for a refill of carbohydrates. To be taken with a couple of sips of water immediately afterwards.
  4. Recovery: to promote recovery after exertion, especially if intense and prolonged, we recommend taking Essential Amino Acids (Amino Essential) immediately after the activity.

All clear? Well, you just have to try everything. Remember the Coupon you can use on the ProAction.it website, to get a discount and a special gift: GEL10.

Dr. Andrea Zonza