Often in endurance sports, when talking about supplementation, we focus on gels or bars, which are important for providing carbohydrates and energy, and mineral salts, which are essential for recovery and reintegration. We forget to focus on the importance of pre-workouts, or those products that can guarantee something more to our body and our performance. Let's find out together.
As in all sports, running also consists of 3 main moments:

Before, during and after.

The FIRST is the moment of preparation for effort, where energy reserves with slow-absorbing carbohydrates in the case of long-lasting sports must be managed and refined. Furthermore, the first is the best time to insert supplements that can provide a tonic and energizing effect, which therefore give us that extra charge and boost, which very often are lacking.
As Pre Workout ProAction offers a varied range of products to meet every need, here is what you can choose from:

Pre Start Shot: One of the favorite products of runners. Contains arginine, ginseng and guarana. Taken 15 minutes before running, it optimizes vasodilation.

Energy Boost: Contains caffeine from guarana, yerba mate and taurine. Taken about 20 minutes before the activity, it allows you to have high levels of concentration and postpone the sense of fatigue. In long-lasting events it can be taken in divided sips. The stimulating effect it guarantees to our body is very relevant.

Carnitine 1000: Containing L-carnitine tartrate, an unbranched amino acid that facilitates the use of fat reserves for energy purposes. To be taken one tablet a day before training.

BCAA 2.1.1: Three essential branched amino acids, Vasiline, Isoleucine and Leucine, in a 2: 1: 1 ratio associated with vitamin B6 which helps to support the regular energy metabolism, proteins and glycogen and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue .
Taking it before training or performance you get:

• reduction of muscle catabolism
• quick energy
• increased resistance to fatigue

All ProAction pre workouts await you on proaction.it along with many other products ideal for the running world.
Dr. Andrea Zonza