Everything is ready in Jesolo for the 11th BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K, already sold out, and for the 2nd Alì Family Run.
First road race for the Italian marathon record holder Eyob Faniel after the long training internship in Kenya. Also at the start in 21K is Ghemon, the Italian rapper and songwriter with a passion for running.
Venice, 7 June 2022 - The curtain officially rises on the 11th edition of the BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K, which on the evening of Saturday 11 June will bring the spectacular international road running event, organized by Venicemarathon with the patronage and the precious collaboration of the City of Jesolo.
The 'under the moonlight' event was presented this morning on the Facebook page of the event by the president of Venicemarathon Piero Rosa Salva, by the General Manager Lorenzo Cortesi and by the administrator of Idea Venezia Stefano Fornasier.
Titled also this year by the prestigious BMW Ceccato Motors brand, the event has reached the sold out target (3,400 registered in the half marathon and 2,200 in the 10K) for several days, but the more interesting news is the presence of athletes from 32 foreign countries.
Happy with the extraordinary result obtained in this first real post-pandemic edition is the president Piero Rosa Salva.
The half marathon will see one of the strongest Italian and international distance specialists at the start: Eyob Faniel, the blue athlete of Eritrean origins who grew up in the Venicemarathon nursery before moving to the Fiamme Oro Sports Group. In Jesolo, in 2015 Faniel won one of his first half marathons in his career in 2015 and in 2018 he also won the 10K. - so Eyob in video link.
For the record, today Faniel is the Italian marathon record holder (2H07'19 "Seville 2020), has a personal half marathon of 1h00'07" (Siena -2021) and last year he was third in the New York Marathon.
The departure of the Jesolo BMW Moonlight 10K is scheduled for 7pm from via Denmark and that of the BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marahon at 7.45pm again from the same location.
The spectacular and fast route of the half marathon has been confirmed which will offer an alternation of different naturalistic aspects such as the river, the pine forest, the promenade and the beach, combined with the romantic colors of the sunset and the charm of the sea, while the 10K route was instead redesigned, to improve both the spectacle and the viability, and consequently also remeasured. To be exact, the race measures 9.520 km. The two routes will be completely closed to traffic thanks to the enormous work of the Civil Protection, the Local Police, and the over 200 people who will be guarding the streets involved in the passage of athletes.

Also this year, families, children and tourists you will be able to experience and breathe the atmosphere of the great event by participating in the 2nd Alì Family Run, the cheerful run-walk of about 3 kilometers, also organized by Venicemarathon as a collateral event of a solidarity nature, which will contribute, once again this year, to help the Caritas of the parish of San Giovanni Battista in Jesolo. The event will start at 17.30 always from Piazza Milano. Registrations are progressing at a good pace and there are 1,000 bibs available. You can continue to register online until 1pm on Friday 10 June, and then directly at the Alì Family Run stand of the BMW Moonlight Village in Piazza Milano, on the afternoon of Friday 10 June and Saturday 11 June.
Piazza Milano was also confirmed this year as the nerve center of the event with the Jesolo BMW Moonlight Village which will be animated by good music and by the speakers of Radio Bellla & Monella and Radio PiterPan. The Village will open its doors on Friday 10 June, from 3 to 8 pm and Saturday 11 June, from 9 to the end of the event.
After two years of hiatus due to restrictions from Covid-19, the long-awaited Moonlight Party is finally back this year, the great post-race party based on Birra Bavaria, as confirmed by the marketing and communication manager of the brand Roberta Gambino, and lots of good music played by Radio Bellla & Monella and Radio PiterPan. The party will be organized at Parco Grifone, 300 meters after the finish line where the main post-race services are located, such as the final refreshment and changing rooms. The evening will be reserved for athletes and companions.
Along the way, thanks to the collaboration with Confcommercio Ascom San Donà-Jesolo, four Music Points will be activated in the kiosks of the Skipper, Milan, Tamara and Siesta seafront which will animate the passage of the athletes with the playlists of Radio Bellla & Monella and Radio PiterPan.
A competition, therefore, to the rhythm of music that will also applaud the participation of Ghemon, one of the most popular Italian hip hop artists of the moment. After the debut on the 'half' at the Roma-Ostia last March 6 and subsequently the participation in the Stramilano and the Deejay Ten in Bari on Sunday 29 May, Ghemon is ready to sign the staff on the distance right in Jesolo, which is currently 1h36 '.
The importance of the Jesolo BMW Monnlight Half Marathon for the relaunch of tourism in the area and of road racing was finally confirmed by the president of Jesolo Turismo Alessio Bacchin, by Barnaba Berton, Director of the Jesolana Hoteliers Association and by the provincial president of Fidal. Gilberto Sartorato.
Also happy to be at the side of the event Alessio Ranallo, marketing and communication manager of HOKA: "In Venicemarathon we have identified great professionalism, especially in the difficult editions of the past years, it also supports the community of runners and always supports important social initiatives, all elements are the basis of our philosophy ".
The BMW Jesolo Moonlight is an event welcomed with enthusiasm also by exhibitors and restaurateurs. Thanks to the collaboration with Confcommercio Ascom San Donà-Jesolo, this year too there are about fifty restaurants that from Friday 10 to Sunday 12 June will offer discounts to athletes and companions with race bibs or a confirmation letter. The list is available on the website www.vivijesolo.it
The BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K is organized by Venicemarathon, with the patronage of the City of Jesolo and the support of Jesolo Turismo. There are many companies alongside this event: BMW Ceccato Motors, HOKA, Compressport, Alì, Pro Action, San Benedetto, Bavaria, 1 / 6H Sport, Palmisano, Fairbnb.coop, Pink Fit, Shokz, ATVO, Dole The media partners are: Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport, Corre, Radio Bellla & Monella and Radio PiterPan.
The event promotes the TAKE IT SLOW project "Smart and Slow Tourism Supporting Adriatic Heritage for Tomorrow", funded under the Interreg Italy Croatia program, of which the Tourism Directorate of the Veneto Region is a partner. The general objective is to encourage slow, sustainable and accessible tourism along the Adriatic area, both in Italy and in Croatia, enhancing the immense cultural and natural heritage that comes to us from the past, with intelligent and conscious methods and approaches, to prepare our territories for a future that is more respectful of the environment, communities and individuals. The Region has chosen to intervene on several fronts, focusing on training, both for young people and operators, promoting certification paths for parks, creating publications for children and manuals for adults, improving green itineraries for cultural cycling and investing in accessibility for everyone, without exception, through innovative tools and languages. For more information: https://www.regione.veneto.it/web/turismo/progetto-take-it-slow