Victory for Dickson Simba Nyakundi in 1h02'15" and Wanjir Catherina Njihia in 1h16'14". Second place for Eyob Faniel: “It's always nice to race this race that marked my beginning. Tonight was an important test in view of the European Championships in Munich". Great success with the public in Piazza Milano and along the route.

Venice, 12 June 2022 - Kenya dominates the 11th BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon, on a rather warm but breezy evening, with the victories of Dickson Simba Nyakundi who scored his third consecutive victory this year on the distance, after the Placentia Half Marathon and the Stramilano, winning in 1h02'15", and by Wanjir Catherina Njihia who prevailed in the women's field in 1h16'14".

Dickson Simba Nyakundi, second last year here in Jesolo, immediately took the lead of the race. His initial intention was to act as a pacer, but probably a series of favorable conditions made the 27-year-old from the Kisii tribe change his mind, bearer of the 'Run Togheter' team, who around the 12th kilometer decided to lengthen his pace to go get the win. “This season is giving me great satisfaction and I really like this race a lot”.

Second place for the blue Eyob Faniel (1h04'14") who arrived on the Venetian coast directly from Kenya after a training internship at high altitude, during which he even contracted Covid: "I'm happy with the race because it made me understand what I missing and what I still have to work on in view of the preparation for the marathon of the European Championships in Munich scheduled for August 15th. I suffered a little from the heat, but this too helps me get used to it in view of the continental appointment. It's always nice to race in Jesolo, where it all started 7 years ago."

The Kenyan Mathew Samperu completes the podium (1h04'58") while fourth place for the other blue marathon runner Yassine El Fathaoui who finished her race in 1h05'07".

All-Kenyan podium, however, in the women's field where Wanjir Catherina Njihia got the upper hand who ran in 1h16'14", finishing in front of Ziporah Wanjiru Kingori (1h17'05") and Brigid Jelimo Kabergei 1h20'38". Before the Italians, Loretta Bettin of Athletics Paratico who finished fifth running in 1h22'11 ". “It was a good race, I had good sensations and the climate suited me. I'm happy with this win." - so the winner Wanjir Catherina Njihia at the finish line.

Compliments to the race also came from Ghemon, stage name of Giovanni Luca Picariello, the Italian rapper and songwriter competing in the half marathon: "I suffered from the heat and as a result I feel overwhelmed, but the race was really good, congratulations to the organization!” .

The half marathon, which started punctually at 7.45 pm, was anticipated by a few minutes by the exciting start of the 'Amici di Diego': a splendid large group made up of 13 boys in wheelchairs and 22 big-hearted pushers, who were able to make these boys live the excitement of the great sporting event.

In the shorter race of 9.520 metres, victory for Simone Tibaldo from the Vicenza Marathon in 34'00" and Alice Peruz from Atl. Cadore who completed her race in 37'00", while the 2nd Ali Family Run was won by Filippo Pomoni (12 years old) from Premana (Lecco), on holiday with his family, and by Anna Facchin, 10 years old from Jesolo. Also competing was the president of Jesolo Tursimo Alessio Bacchin with his son. Also applauding the competitors was Don Gianni Fassina from the parish of San Giovanni Battista to whom the proceeds of the event will be donated.

“Even tonight we witnessed a huge international event, accompanied by a truly extraordinary crowd both along the route and in Piazza Milano. This shows that the Moonlight has entered the hearts not only of the runners, but also of many Jesolo residents who have contributed to making this evening even more spectacular. On behalf of myself and of all Venicemarathon, I warmly thank the Municipality of Jesolo and all its offices for their invaluable collaboration, all the police forces involved, the Civil Protection, the Green Cross and the extraordinary volunteers. For the 2023 edition, we would like to return to our original location, i.e. in the second half of May, and we will discuss it with the new administration as soon as possible" - so the president Piero Rosa Salva.

Men's Half Marathon Ranking
Dickson Simba Nyakundi KEN 1h02'15”
Eyob Ghebrehiwet Faniel ITA 1h04'14”
Mathew Samperu KEN 1h04'58”
Yassine El Fathaoui ITA 1h05'07"
Hicham Boufars TUE 1h05'11”

Women's Half Marathon Ranking
Wanjir Catherina Njihia KEN 1h16’14”
Ziporah Wanjiru Kingori KEN 1h17'05"
Brigid Jelimo Kabergei KEN 1H20'38"
Meseret Engidu Ayele ETH 1h21'
Loretta Bettin 1h22'11"

Ranking 10K Men
Simone Tibaldo (Vicenza Marathon) 34'00"
Matteo Peron (La Fulminea Running Team) 34'24"
Filip Jovic (Runners Team Zanè) 34'28"

Ranking 10K Women
Alice Peruz (At. Cadore) 37'00"
Francesca Tonin (Corradini Concrete) 37'36"
Ilaria Novelli (Atl. Brugnera) 38'48"

The BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon&10K was organized by Venicemarathon, with the patronage of the City of Jesolo and the support of Jesolo Turismo. Many companies support this event: BMW Ceccato Motors, HOKA, Compressport, Alì, Pro Action, San Benedetto, Bavaria, 1/6H Sport, Palmisano,, Pink Fit, Shokz, ATVO, Dole The media partners are : Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport, Correre, Radio Bellla & Monella and Radio PiterPan.