The moonlit kermesse, which took place on the evening of Saturday 11 June, will donate 1,600 euros to Caritas in the parish of San Giovanni Battista in Jesolo.

Venice, 15 June 2022 - The BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K, which ran on the evening of Saturday 11 June, in addition to having returned to the great running festival much appreciated by all, also proved to be a demonstration of solidarity.

In fact, 1,600 euros will be donated to Caritas in the parish of San Giovanni Battista in Jesolo, the amount collected from the adhesions of the 2nd Alì Family Run. Proceeds which, as explained by the parish priest Don Gianni Fassina, will be used to help various people in need, including some Ukrainians.

Venicemarathon and the City of Jesolo archive this highly successful eleventh edition with satisfaction, with over 6,000 registered, many of whom are foreigners from 32 countries and over 15,000 people who enlivened the village during the two-day event.

"It's already time to plan the twelfth edition, which we would like to bring back to its original location next year, i.e. in the second half of May. More precisely, the event could take place on Saturday 20 May 2023, a date that will then be submitted and shared with Fidal and the Municipal Administration, as soon as the new council has taken office.Moreover, the decision to organize the event in May was designed for the opening of the tourist season and in any case before Pentecost (May 28, 2023) , a deeply felt festivity especially in northern Europe and which for the Jesolo coast already represents a moment of intense tourism" - these are the words of the president of Venicemarathon Piero Rosa Salva.

Returning to the race that has just ended, many messages were received and the many photos posted on social networks show how for many the event was truly experienced as a great party, which began with the wild young competitors of the 2nd Alì Family Run and which ended at midnight with the Moonlight Party, created in collaboration with Birra Bavaria. Even in Piazza Milano, the large audience present was able to enjoy themselves thanks to the musical entertainment and enthusiasm of the speakers of Radio Bella&Monella and Radio Piterpan.

A successful event from all points of view. Along the way, the closure of traffic was effectively orchestrated and managed by 40 local police officers, a relay of the traffic police, the fire brigade, and over 200 volunteers coordinated by the Jesolo Civil Protection. First aid, which fortunately did not register any episodes, provided for an impressive health service coordinated by the Green Cross of Cavallino (4 ambulances, 1 medical motorbike, 1 advanced medical station and 2 SAP).

Also in terms of numbers, the BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K has once again become a race with large numbers: more than 8,000 HOKA technical t-shirts were distributed and donated to volunteers and athletes also thanks to the support of 1/6H Sport 'official shop', 40,000 bottles of San Benedetto water, 10,000 sachets of mineral salts and 10,000 ProAction bars, 20,000 cans of Bavaria beer, 35,000 Palmisano biscuits and 10,000 Dole bananas. 6,000 Alì branded refreshment kits were distributed.

The BMW Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon&10K was organized by Venicemarathon, with the patronage of the City of Jesolo and the support of Jesolo Turismo. Many companies support this event: BMW Ceccato Motors, HOKA, Compressport, Alì, Pro Action, San Benedetto, Bavaria, 1/6H Sport, Palmisano,, Pink Fit, Shokz, ATVO, Dole The media partners are : Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport, Correre, Radio Bellla & Monella and Radio PiterPan.