The team of 50 'chronometer angels' is also ready, pacers selected for their technical and human qualities. Among these there is also Gianluca Biral, who has been running for 10 years and living with a difficult life partner: leukemia.
Registrations for the Alì Family Run are also booming.

Venice, 9 May 2023 - Less than 2 weeks from the 12th Honda Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon -10K & Alì Family Run, scheduled for the evening of Saturday 20 May, registrations are flying fast towards 5,000 and the 50m team is already ready 'chronometer angels' who will have to help the athletes to crown their chronometric dream and to overcome moments of crisis and difficulty.

Organizing a team of pacers is not a simple task, but Venicemarathon has always focused on this service and has always identified athletes with great technical and human qualities and a strong vocation.

This year the management is by the Venicemarathon Running Team and there are 50 pacers divided into 10 groups who will observe the following time slots: 1h25', 1h30', 1h35', 1h40',1h45', 1h50'. 1h55', 2h, 2h15' and 2h45'. In the 10 km, however, they will be divided into 5 groups that will cover these times: 40', 45', 50', 55', 1h and 1h10'.

Their names are: Andrea Vidotto, Nicola Divicari (1h25'); Andrea Melpignano, Marco Tricarico, Stefano Manfrin (1h30'); Ignazio Musmeci, Rino Marchioretto, Marco Pozzebon (1h35'); Erika Michielan, Manuel Bozzetto, Gianluca Biral, Jhonny Soprano, Antonio Franceschi (1h40'); Andrea Coppo, Giorgio De Checchi, Nicola Penasa, Tiziano Marangon (1h45'), Carlo Casali, Silvio Dus, Nicola Pangia, Luca Zorzi (1h50'); Giorgio Barone, Dino Bevilacqua, Alessandro Palamidese and Nicola Zanetti, Andrea Raschini (1h55'); Astrid Gagliardi, Marco Ogniben (2h); Anna Murgia, Beatrice Borella, Claudio Siega (2h15'); Ilaria Razzolini and Fabio Vianello (2h45').

In the 10K: Michele Cavasin, Luca Lincetto, Stefano Ruzza (40'); Davide Bertoldi, Alessandro Boscolo, Massimiliano Zennaro (45'); Igor Biasuzzi, Pierluigi Pizzato (50'); Fabio Base, Alessandro Rossi, Stefano Scomparin (55'), Giulia Marascutto and Lucia Seguso, Silvia Finocchiaro (1h); Silvia Finocchiario, Sabrina Mazzucco and Andrea Pellegrini (1h10').

Among the pacers who will accompany the athletes to run the half marathon there is also Gianluca Biral, the 49-year-old athlete from Treviso, registered for the Venicemarathon who has been running and living with leukemia for 10 years:

“In 2013, while I was preparing for the Rome marathon, following an illness I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (LHN) in the 4th stage, a tumor of the lymphatic system, which after a period of observation led me to undergo to cycles of heavy chemotherapy to freeze the disease. To date there are no remedies to heal, but I can still say that the disease in a certain sense has changed my way of experiencing running for the better! I always run with a smile because I have understood that it is the best medicine to keep this travel companion at bay that I have had to accept and with whom I have to live, and even scientific studies have shown its great benefits. Running for me is a gift that gives me pure joy every time and above all helps me not to think about the disease and the marathon is a bit like a metaphor for life: it teaches me never to give up and reminds me that in times of difficulty there is always someone ready to help you. At Moonlight I will run alongside those in need and help people in difficulty. I can't wait!"

Registrations for the Alì Family Run are also continuing at full speed, the non-competitive solidarity run of about 3 kilometres, dedicated to families, students, children and movement enthusiasts, which will precede the start of the two longer runs, precisely to bring to the little ones the atmosphere of the big event. Also this year the event will raise funds to support the parish of San Giovanni Battista, one of the most important Caritas centers in Jesolo and thanks to the collaboration with the Rotary District 2060 it will help spread the message of the important 'Run to End Polio Now' campaign to raise awareness among young people of the importance of fighting polio globally. All information is available on the website

Another noble solidarity initiative that will enrich the event is the collection of used running shoes (in good condition and washed before delivery) for people in need 'Double knot, forty 2.0', promoted by the barefoot runner Ercole La Manna and by the associations ' Vegan Power Team' and 'Compagnia della Polenta'. A gesture of solidarity for needy people, such as the homeless, who could benefit from running shoes as they are particularly comfortable and required by themselves for daily use, but at the same time an important act of respect for the environment, a culture of reuse and fight against waste. Baskets for the collection of shoes will be placed inside the village and in the departure/arrival area.

The 12th Honda Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon - 10K & Alì Family Run is organized by Venicemarathon, with the patronage of the City of Jesolo, the support of Jesolo Turismo and titled by the Japanese brand Honda.

Sponsors of the event: Honda, Craft, Compressport, Alì, Banco BPM, Pro Action, San Benedetto, Bavaria, Palmisano, 1/6H Sport, Morato, Diabasi, 3B Meteo, ATVO, ParkForFun, Lacomed Sport and the media partners Corriere dello Sport , Tuttosport, Radio Bellla & Monella and Radio PiterPan.